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3D Castings

Beautifully presented in our own handmade frames in wide range of coloured outer frames surrounding the plain wood deep box frame.

All Figured Out.jpg

Single 3D in frame

from £99.99

All Figured Out.jpg

Full set 3D with frame

From £154.99

All Figured Out.jpg

Double 3D in frame

From £137.99


Sibling 3D frame

From £194.99

All Figured Out.jpg

Gift Voucher

Choose your own amount from £10 upwards

3D Couple or Family Casting on plinth

Double - £194.99
Triple - £275.99
Four - £356.99

All Figured Out.jpg

Parent & Child in extra deep frame

from £229.99

Imprints & castings voucher.jpg
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