At Created To Treasure Pottery and Castings we love nothing better than to meet you in person and welcome you to our lovely little shop/studio but during the current pandemic this is not always possible so we wanted to give you the chance to enjoy creating something special at home.

Choose between our ceramic paints that you can take home, paint your piece and return to the studio for firing or our new acrylic paint set where you collect your set and paint - no need to return the piece. 

You can arrange to collect your project box Tuesday to Saturday each week at a mutually convenient time. 

Ceramic Set comes with paints and single piece of bisque - please purchase your reusable Pots and Paint brush set on first purchase. Bring your pots back for a fill up for your next project.

Acrylic Set comes with paints in small pots, paint brush and single piece of bisque. Please ask for colour selection if required.

Your Ceramic Colour Selection

Lots of lovely colours to choose from including glitters and speckled.
Use this colour palate to decide which 6 colours you would like to use on your item.


Choose Your 6 Colours

Pick your 6 colours for your item here then fill in the colours when prompted on your order form. 
The sheer colours are ideal for covering a large area with a pale background to your design (209, 211, 216)
For turning any colour sparkly choose 005 as it is a clear glitter.
You will need 3 coats of paint to give you a nice smooth covering. Wash your brush in water between colours and dry carefully. The paint dries quickly so not much wait time between coats. 
Remember to wash your brushes after you have finished painting in warm soapy water and they will last for lots more projects. 
NB: this paint is non toxic and food safe and washes out of most clothes well



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Trinket Boxes

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